Reliable, robust and validated data are critical for informed planning, policy development and investment decision. The energy projections are key as we need to seize today’s opportunities to build a sustainable tomorrow. India has five energy ministries and multiple energy-consuming sectoral ministries leading the energy discourse in the country. India can no longer afford to operate in a siloed energy data paradigm.

NITI Aayog’s India Energy Dashboards (IED) aims to provide single-window access to the energy data in the country. It aims to provide interesting visualisations of data to get an intuitive understanding of the sector. It is a work in progress and hopefully an initial step towards building a comprehensive, open and freely accessible energy data portal for India.

To view the data and charts related to each sector click on the following link – ElectricityRenewablesCoalOil and Gas. For state-wise production and consumption, click on the following link – State


  1. The portal is public, free of cost, and doesn’t require login credentials to access the data;
  2. The IED provides time series data from FY 2005-06 until FY 2019-20. FY 2006 refers to the financial year 2005-06 which ends on 31st March 2006;
  3. Enhanced data download – It enables easy downloading of data into convenient spread-sheet formats in a cleaner, more intuitive way. All data shown in the portal can be downloaded in csv format through the Download icon which is placed at right top corner of each page. Data thus downloaded can be viewed using spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice Calc or text editors such as Notepad;
  4. IED provides data at sub-yearly frequencies as well. This includes monthly data and live data from some apps and portals maintained by government agencies. The monthly data is sourced from the monthly reports that are regularly published for the electricity, petroleum and natural gas sectors. Live data from SaubhagyaUJALAPRAAPTIand VIDYUT PRAVAH has been incorporated in the portal;
  5. A Feedback & Suggestions forum for the engagement of the energy data user community which will help to improve the quality of the data and interface of the IED;
  6. A semi-automated workflow/ issue-tracking system for managing periodic updates to the IED has been provided. The workflow system performs basic checks and data validation, helping to avoid incorrect data entry on the Dashboards;
  7. Addition of technical and financial data of electricity utilities available from the regulatory documents in the state of Maharashtra. Regulatory dataspecifically for the area served by the state-owned distribution utility – MSEDCL has been added.